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I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Rules and Regulations of JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY and I accept the same.

And that I am aware of the fact that by becoming a member of JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY I do not have any claim or rights on the parent Company JUST SPORTZ MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD.

And that given an opprtunity to become a memebr of JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY I will do my best to upheld the objective and safe guard the interest of JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY

I accept to pay the fees as prescribed by the member of Board towards my memebrship and I am aware that the said amount of fees is only for the tenure of the membership.

NB :

Submitting this Form does not guarantee any form of membership and JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY / JUST SPORTZ MANAGEMENT PVT.LTD. or any member of the Board is not answerable for any rejection or delay.

All cheques are payable in the name of - "JUST SPORTZ MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD." Subject to approval of Membership.

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