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JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited, the brainchild of six Kolkata based motor sports enthusiasts with years of experience under their belt.

Individuals who do not want to be tied down with just one objective - organizing motor sports events.

Individuals who believe they can do much more.

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal [which may soon be named Paschimbanga] is made up of people who are sports crazy. Kolkata makes an ideal birth place for JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited.

Name the sport and Kolkata plays it! Galli Football [football played in the bylanes] to Test Cricket! Kabaddi to Karting! Kolkata has it all!

JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited intends to harness this vast potentiality. To find another Goshto Pal, another Saurav Ganguli. To find within the youth of West Bengal a Michael Schumacher or a Boris Becker.

The horizon is limitless. Marathons, swimming, cycling! Even boxing and wrestling if you please! We intend to manage, organize and even arrange training.

JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited believes in the impossible! Given opportunities the less privileged and the physically challenged can excel in sports!

They need that break and they need that opportunity. JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited intends to give that break and create that opportunity.

All said and done, motor sports will remain our first love. Motor rallies of various types, motor cross, drag races and motor gymkhanas are events we intend to promote. Making motor sports more acceptable and popular is our passionate objective.

All put together, JUST SPORTS is what we intend to promote!

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