About Just Sportz Academy

The Board of Directors of JUST SPORTZ Management Private Limited, a private limited company formed under the Indian Companies Act 1956 having its registered office at Flat 2B & 3B, 21 Lansdowne Place, Kolkata 700 029, herein after called THE COMPANY, have decided to create a wholly owned subsidiary under the name and style JUST SPORTZ ACADEMY, herein after called THE ACADEMY on and from the 1st  day of April 2012.


The purpose and objectives of THE ACADEMY will be:

·         To enroll such individuals as MEMBERS who share the common objectives and visions as that of THE COMPANY.

·         To give such members opportunities to involve themselves and to participate in the various activities planned by and executed by THE COMPANY.

·         To plan / organize programmes and events as prescribed in the Articles of Association [AOA] Memorandum of Association [MOA] of THE COMPANY with prior approval of THE COMPANY.

·         To plan / organize training and development programmes, seminars and workshops with prior approval of THE COMPANY.

·         To do all such things for the development of sports and other activities in which THE COMPANY is interested and involved.


The management of THE ACADEMY rests solely with THE COMPANY.

Delegation of authority and responsibility amongst members of THE ACADEMY will be at the discretion of THE COMPANY.


THE ACADEMY will have TWO categories of members:

·         LIFE MEMBERS



Admission of members will be the sole prerogative of THE COMPANY as will be the renewal of Annual Membership.


·         LIFE MEMBERS – such membership will be valid for the life time of the member.

·         ANNUAL MEMBERS – such membership will be valid for a period of ONE FINANCIAL year starting on 1 April and ending on 31 March of the next year.  [NOTE: Membership starting at any time in between the period mentioned will automatically expire on the subsequent 31 March].



·         LIFE MEMBERS – To be determined by THE COMPANY

·         ANNUAL MEMBERS – Rs. 1,000.00 per year.

NOTE: The above mentioned Membership Dues are subject to change as may be decided by THE COMPANY, but never with retrospective effect.


THE COMPANY reserves the right to terminate a membership on the following grounds:

·         If the continuance of a member is considered detrimental to the objectives, reputation and / or wellbeing of THE COMPANY and / or THE ACADEMY.

·         If the acts of a member is in conflict with the aims and objectives of THE COMPANY and / or THE ACDEMY.

·         Acts of INDISCIPLINE by a member.

·         Acts of misuse and theft of THE COMPANY’s funds and property.




·         Participation as officials in all events and programmes organized by THE COMPANY and / or THE ACADEMY.

·         Concession on fees for participating in events and programmes organized by THE COMPANY and or THE ACADEMY where participation fees are applicable. Such concessions to be decided by THE COMPANY.




·         Membership of THE ACADEMY does not give a member any rights in deciding the policies and / or the administration of THE COMPANY and / or THE ACADEMY.

·         Members have no rights to make any commitments, financial or otherwise on behalf of THE COMPANY and / or THE ACADEMY without prior approval of THE COMPANY.

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